Thursday, November 09, 2006

FEELING Sickly with cold and flu season here????

These are things I will break out when I feel certain seasonal symptoms are coming on. Right away I can steer off invading germs and virus by zapping my immune system with xtra help to combat the invasion of toxins!!! This is when you have to know where your local health food store is to get these kind of remedies. We don't take any bunk synthetic "anything" from a drug store etc. I wanna HELP my body heal itself instead of putting a bandaid on my symptoms to feel better for the moment!

We take:
Organic apple cider vinegar(or warm sea salt) to gargle away throat pain.
Boosters of Vitamin C boosters Airborne or EmergenC!!!
CoolCayenne for any sinus, phlem or GI troubles. Take with a full 8 oz. glass of water!!

Don't You just LOVE your coffee?? I do!!

Well, at least change your creamer and sweetner to lessen the blow for your 1-2 cups max. daily! Make your own and refuse the popular 400-600 calorie drive thru coffee's that have 500mg of caffeine! Talk about killing yourself . A few years of that habit and we'll be in cardiac trauma in no time!!

We use happily, our agave nectar to sweeten and choose SILK soy creamer(health food store?) which is full of organic ingredients, non dairy soy that is as rich as half n half! Save your heart NOW! Choose the fancy flavored type if you like or plain. To take it to the next level we have chosen the Ganocafe Classic coffee which is really loaded with the antioxidant reishi mushroom extract which tastes like coffee with the benefits of health and boost like ginseng instead of the caffeine jolt! (only 15mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup!!) Wow! Compare that to the usual 550 mg per 16 oz Starbucks drip coffee(or 270 mg per 16 oz at home coffee)! Save yourself and love every sip!!

Super BOOSTS of nutrients daily!

My basic daily staple for healing success equals a high power green drink,(barley juice or fresh wheatgrass!)a fiber supplement loaded with herbs/psyillium and my liquid vitamins. This combo on an empty stomach will satisfy the body for hours and makes a subtle change in my strength and energy level. This combo is easily assimilated into the bloodstream almost immediately compared to digesting a meal for fuel for the day!

My daily combo's are easily shaken together in my shaker jar in 4-6 oz of water and slammed for breakfast!!! This group costs me $1-$3 per day AND saves me $$$$ stopping for JUNK in the am!! Healthy choices are a trade off from the expensive junk choices we tend to choose that are void of anything GOOD! Actually tastes OK too!
If I had to pick only one to get started I definately would go for the barley juice first! (my favorite powerful source for the price and quality is BarleyLife no kelp)
3rd pix: Fiber supplements are essential if we are standard american dieters. The average american meal has no fiber so the transit time for elimination can be 3 days!! Guess where it hangs up? Yep, right out in front, your belly! Full of @#^%$#@!! Healthy elimination occurs after 12-18 hours of eating THAT meal!! GO FOR A FLAT BELLY! Say YES to fiber! The favorite and best price is the middle one! 4th Bottom PIX group is the favorite combo for weight loss intentions. We are less likely to snack if we are not hungry and satisfied! We also have plenty of energy and we are not weak and shakey from a lack of nutrients. This is a program for a 3 months at least! You will feel the difference and never stop! Posted by Picasa
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Greatest Cheat-2-Healthiness Secrets!

People are always asking me "how do you do it?" and these things I share are exactly How I do it!! Besides practicing what I preach and sharing with you a lifestyle that has given me great results in return (inspite of a lousy "family history" that some think can stack up against you)...these aids shared here have given me a greater respect for the power of nutrients in a single day! Some of these superior products have been a part of my daily diet for 20 years!! My credentials are something I feel are attainable to anyone who dares to change their habits to healthier choices. The only thing that matters is our time on earth, enjoying life and the energy to accomplish those goals that do only good. To do the work set before us we gotta keep our health. I know what I'm talking about, for years I have consistantly maintained fabulous numbers like these: My BMI = 24. Cholesterol 198, Triglycerides 88, HDL 97, LDL 71. ALT 14. rBS 81. BP 102/60. EKG normal and all CA screening tests negative. What are your credentials?? Do you even know where you stand in the scope of things?? Find out now, and see how hard you need to work to prevent a serious illness from clutching your well being!! Good luck!

We are advocates for a routine full body massage to stimulate the healing process in HEALTH RECOVERY and stress relief! If you have never done this then make an appointment TODAY! Otherwise do it as often as you can afford. Also research for yourself the idea of colonic's to kick start your detox program. OR to take it to the NEXT level see our page on the FLOAT TANK experience! Where ever you start your journey there will always be more to explore and experience for your personal health recovery program.
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

DRINK only PURE water!!!!

I know I take things to the next level but "Hey, " there is always something new to improve on as you embark on the pathway to Health Recovery! You'll see as you go along, because as you begin to feel the changes for yourself it gives you a respect and motivation to do even more. So you see, it's not hopeless or TOO hard. You'll do these things because you'll LIKE FEELING THE WAY YOU DO AS YOU GET BETTER!

I use Crystal clear pure water that is energized/distilled or you can try from a well that is fabulous tasting! OR Buy distilled water for drinking at the store.

My water machine was necessary where I live because our water source is untrustworthy for health. I FELT and saw and tasted the difference from my water in the first week of drinking it! This cost: $1700 for my health in drinking this water and I don't regret it for a second! Most people think I'm nuts......8>) Check it out:

Get a JUICER to see a miracle!!!

Having your own juicer to boost yourself with fresh, raw vegies and fruit is the superior way to shoot yourself with life , energy, healing and vitality. This will beat taking vitamins any day! Go to your local health food store and browse through juicing books for recipes fashioned to your own aches and pains or illness. It takes some time but if you do it to save your life it may be just this to put you back in the saddle again! The results can be phenominal and only you can testify to the changes that evolve with your health! And testify you shall!!

Tips on juicing your own fresh vegetables and fruit!

If I was abruptly assaulted with a threatening illness, this is the first thing I'd turn to and do at home instead of whatever my current habits were that got me to arrive at my bad news.

Gods foods give life like a medicine! Try it for PREVENTION!!! Say this: "I wanna LIVE!!"

If you cannot grow your own wheatgrass you must incorporate the raw, fresh dark green juice somehow which is why we have this source for cheaters! It's like spinach and Popeye!! Several choices are found at your healthfood store which also is called Kyo Green we prefer. However, the most for your money we find for the quality is BarleyLife powder no kelp. To order at our prices:
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Gods Foods give LIFE!!

Whatever we can consume daily that is closest to garden, fresh and raw is the healthiest for us! Having our own garden to pick from will boost us with nutrients we can't get from the grocery produce picked weeks before before they were ripe... or perhaps sprayed with pesticides! You see, if we pump ourselves daily with the nutrients our body needs to live healthy then the "naughty treat" we indulge in from time to time won't do us in!! That "not so good treat" can be a trip to the coffee drive-thru, to the burger joint or to the bakery shop! Hopefully not often enough to cause us harm.
(ex: 1-2X per month?)

Tip for the girls!! WE mean for the real women!!
Ladies, having any nightsweats yet or PMS 24/7, or
whack-o- periods, think you are losing your mind?? Or in full menopause??????
Go straightway to your local healthfood store and get a jar of PROGESTERONE Cream!! Your ovaries are getting old and no longer producing!! Get a dab daily and rub into your inner forearm or thigh area. In just a few days you'll not want to go without it!! You can do it 3x a day if necessary!! Also available is a blend of Black Cohosh/Dong Quai Root/soy estrogen products with Wild Yam as capsules to supplement safely what your body is no longer producing. Perhaps a low dose of DHEA may be in order also(converts to testosterone naturally.) We use for a natural HRT "HOTFLASH" by Source Naturals or extra strength "EstroVen" at any local drug store. Check it out! Save yourself now!! Quick!!! We did and just look at us now!!! Rush to your local health food store or order online and explore the products available today!!

We found a natural progesterone cream that also has bioidentical estrogen from plant sources included in it too!