Monday, April 01, 2013

Save Yourself and DON't GET DEADsies!

If we consume these superfoods then we will NOT be hungry!  We need to get 200 calories per day of fresh veggies and fruit. A must:  dark green leafy vegetables DAILY! Juicing or smoothies: Do it yourself or find the closest juice bar and become a regular!  Let them do the work and clean up!
This creates within us the ability for our body to heal itself and combat virus, germs and free radicals and WIN!   These are anti-inflammatory foods.  Compared to all the other foolish choices we have this may be our only HOPE for Health Recovery and maintaining our strength and stamina!  Find a way to nourish yourself with God's FOODS!  This will PROTECT us FROM Cancer, Coronary Artery disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and OBESITY which is a( place to store TOXINS we consume.  Fat = Toxins!)

Health Recovery/ Holistic Health Coaching