Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ladies! Save yourself from Whacko Hormones!!!!

Many of us at age 40 or approaching menopause or are through menopause naturally or by default as done by force via: HYSTERECTOMY. WE owe it to ourselves to self-educate on the benefits of daily use of PROGESTERONE CREAM! This is vital to our well being and youthfulness! We can self protect against osteoporosis, cancer, heart attack, or just alleviate the PMS or menopausal symptoms and many other things; just a little dab will do it! If you have been a user of estrogen drugs for ANY reason you owe it to yourself to investigate this idea of progesterone cream for the replacement for your health because your "old ovaries" are no longer producing!!!! The prescribed version drugs were not safe or natural and have a serious potential of side effects from years of use!   Ooops!  S C A R Y !!!
Check it out! Progesterone cream or those with estriol is my FAVORITE! WITH THESE CREAMS YOU JUST RUB IN A LITTLE EVERYDAY ALTERNATING THE SPOTS YOU APPLY IT DAILY. What a difference it makes reducing the intensity of hotflashes and the number I have per day and helps me with my whacko sleeping patterns thanks to menopause! Between annoying hotflashes and hair falling out I love the benefits of using this cream!

FYI:  Ladies no matter how healthy you are and how good your cholesterol has been all your life: expect your LDL levels to jump 30 points from menopause alone!  Shocking but typical.  Don't be surprised! 
Menopause ALONE raises LDL dramatically in women!

Don't forget to ask for hormone testing for thyroid also!  The adverse symptoms can be identical to menopausal changes too!!  Thyroid dysfunction can exacerbate elevated LDL Cholesterol and insulin resistance with abnormal blood sugars!  Check it out!  Not to mention the weight gain from hypothyroid conditions!

Try some over the counter progesterone cream here!
A site to research for obtaining bio-identical creams:
Progesterone and Estrogen Bio-identical creams

There are also physicians who specialize in creating a custom blend of these bio-identical creams for you.  You must see the ones who know what it is though.  Not so easy to find. Just do your homework. and Save yourself!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

WHO say's Health supplements are a waste?????

They can only HELP and BOOST your body's ability to HEAL ITSELF!!

Swedish Vitamin Study
C. Holmquist, S. Larsson, A. Wolk, U. de Faire, JOURNAL OF NUTRITION 133:2650-2654, 2003 (published by the American Society for Nutritional Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland)


Quote from Chapter Ten of BLUE GENES, by Paul Meier, M.D., et. al., (Tyndale Publishers, 2005), pages 168-169:

"It showed that Swedish women, ages 45 to 70, who regularly took a normal vitamin pill of any kind, had a 33% reduced risk of having a first heart attack, and men in that same age range had a 22% lower risk. Of course, part of this result could be because people who take vitamins are more responsible to do other healthy things in their lives.... The researchers themselves considered these possibilities, and factored in such elements as smoking, exercise, and diet, and came to the conclusion that the overall cardiac benefit of the vitamins alone was about a 20 percent reduction."

Blue Genes available at: