Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Herbal tea ideas for Health and HEALING this summer!!

Switch your ice teas this year with 2/3 green or white tea brews 4CUPS sweetened with a tablespoon of natures AGAVE NECTOR or a touch of orange flavored stevia (sugarfree) and then 1/3 lemonade or cranberry juice or whatever your favorite juice is and wow that is refreshing over a glass of ice! Try it!

Trader Joes has a Blueberry flavored GREEN tea bag that is fabulous this way!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hood-winked by TRANS FATS?

That's right all of us that listened to our local healthcare establishment and used margarine instead of BUTTER over the last 20 years (big mistake folks!) are in critical risk factor values for a HEART ATTACK because the nations cholesterol LDL levels are out of control! Now, there is a ban on trans fats and possibly will be outlawed do to their harmful properties??!? Oops!

Read more on this breakdown of just where they are in YOUR day to day diet!

Now, we at http://www.eat4life2live.com/ have always endorsed the daily use of 2-4 Tablespoons of a "good" fat your body NEEDS to transport the nutrients to your tissues and organs. Good fats are definatley found in cold pressed olive oil(EVOO), omega-3 fish oils, wild caught salmon, grapeseed oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, nuts and seeds especially walnuts and chia seed,coconut oil, avacodo's and yes, butter is far superior to margarine due to the body's ability to breakdown the natural food 'butter'. Not so with the man made "hydogenated" margarine. Don't ever buy that heart attack food "margarine" again!
If you are going to cook with an oil use grapeseed oil or coconut oil as it holds up best under higher heat and is not carcinogenic like other heated oils become. Also try mixing with a mixer 2/3's butter with 1/3 EVOO with a little veg-sal to salten slightly. Whip that and keep in the fridge as your new butter spread alternative. Even try mixing in a few cloves of chopped garlic for a garlic butter. FABULOUS!! Let's pull our head out of the sand about these simple heart rescue remedies! Reverse your risk with these simple changes and reducing your entire animal product intake to only a total of 3-6 ounces per day. Trust me you WILL live!